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9:06 PM
App BB Empower

Save The Island: Save your Island from enemies on BlackBerry!

Same Ball: Ultimate Same Ball fun. Simple and addictive game with 3 different levels.

Bubble Pop: Ultimate Bubble Pop game for your BlackBerry with 2 modes and 3 different levels!

Daughter in the Box: Play the ancient Japanese puzzle game Hakoiri Musume (Daughter in the Box) now on your BlackBerry & stretch your mental prowess to the LIMITS!

Solitaire: Ultimate Solitaire card game on your BlackBerry!

Qilox: An ultimate strategic game on your BlackBerry!

Betris: Play the addictive tetris game on your BlackBerry!

Light Bulbs:Light Bulbs is a classic puzzle game that is sure to keep you entertained!

Sokoban BlackBerry Game: The world's most challenging puzzle game is here to blow your mind away!

Stacks BlackBerry Game: Competitive game of skill and timing against your BlackBerry.

SendLater: Pre-schedule your Emails, SMS and Calls for a later time! No tension of forgetting important Birthdays now!

Speedometer: New and unique speedometer, odometer for your BlackBerry! You can monitor your speed, distance traveled and elapsed time and send quick email with full details!

Simple Tip Calculator: Quickly calculate Tip for meals using Simple Tip Calculator and email them quickly to the contributors!

Missed Call LED: Set custom color LED blinks for Missed Calls to differentiate them quickly from SMSs, Emails, etc!

Add to Existing Contact: Quickly add callers to your address book soon after you talk to them! No copy-paste or switching of apps at all!

All-in-One MultiAlarms Pro: Multiple Alarms, World Clock, Countdown Timers and StopWatch - all rolled into one!

Advanced Call Blocker: Powerful Call Blocking for BlackBerry with a beautiful and intuitive user interface.

Video Shots: Grab picture frames from your Videos right on your BlackBerry!! The first video frame grabber on BlackBerry! No PC, Software, Wires, USB Cables or anything required!!

Email Templates: Instant replies using reusable Email Templates for BlackBerry.

Free! Empower Screensavers: Visually Stunning screensavers for BlackBerry, just the way you have on Desktop.

BlackBerry Filters & Mail Rule Manager: An Outlook style Mail Rule Manager for BlackBerry! Filter incoming mails based on a set of rules and create automatic actions for them!

Empower HTML Mail Viewer PRO: Rich Email viewer for BlackBerry

Empower Threaded SMS: iPhone style true threaded sms now on BlackBerry!

Task Manager: A Windows like Task Manager and background Process Viewer for BlackBerry!

AppLock: Password protect specific apps, messages and folders on your BlackBerry without locking the entire device!

Call Later AutoSend SMS: Send friendly SMS to callers when you ignore their calls and let them know you are busy.

SMS Popup Alerts: The best SMS alert application for BlackBerry.

Empower Work Folder: Separate your work and personal emails on BES MailBox.

Stop Tilt: Disable Auto Rotation on Storm! Lock your screen in landscape or potrait mode.

AddTo: Create appointments out of your Emails in a single click!

Quick SMS: Speed Dial for SMS, Just press Q!

Empower SMS Viewer: SMS with colors, smileys, rich backgrounds and more!

Empower InstaSpell: On device inline spell checker for BlackBerry

Empower Central: Base of All Empower Apps

Quick Action GTD Lite: Quick Action for BlackBerry

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