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Main » 2010 » September » 22 » One-Touch MemoryFlash
6:21 PM
One-Touch MemoryFlash

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Automatic memory recovery at convenient times you select, and on-demand just before activities you don’t want interrupted or slowed by automatic recovery. Includes flashlight on phones with video camera light.

Memory Flash’s automatic triggers are controlled from a new category in Options, not the icon, which just requests instant garbage collection.

Memory Flash’s icon is intended for fastest possible use, and does not pop up any display, just does its job and lets you get on with what you’re about to do.  If you would like a pop-up "memory recovered” summary plus a homescreen free-memory indicator, please see Memory Disc.  If you would like detailed system meters, please see BestFLASH with Meters, Memory Monster, or Meters.

Flashlight toggles the light on temporarily during flashlight use without affecting the default setting; it expects the light to be configured Off by default, as most users prefer for video recording.

MemoryFlash offers:

1. One-touch resource recovery just before tasks you don't want interrupted, and

2. Automatic resource recovery at convenient times so it happens less at inconvenient times. The default trigger points are when the backlight turns off and when you unplug.

There's a new Options category where you can set which events should trigger resource recovery:
- When backlight turns off
- When backlight turns on
- When you unplug
- When you plug in
- When a call hangs up

1. The one-touch MemoryFlash icon requests immediate garbage collection. Tap the icon just before starting something that you don't want to be slowed or interrupted by garbage collection. Automatic garbage collection will still happen sooner or later, but triggering it now will give you the maximum time without being slowed or interrupted.

2. The automatic triggers try to clean the phone up at times when it won't be noticed or won't hinder you, instead of the need arising when you're busy. The need will still arise at times when you're busy, but after your selected clean-up points the phone should be ready to go as long as possible before the next time garbage collection slows or interrupts you.

Some apps can continue to use resources and then leave them waiting to be reclaimed even when the backlight is off, so MemoryFlash can optionally do an additional check at light-up to further ensure that you will have as long as possible before the next garbage collection is necessary.

* As a bonus feature, One-Touch Bright Video Flashlight is included: One-touch shortcut to the video camera (the only way to turn on the bright video light), which then stays on until you turn it off, without having to record.

If you don't want the flashlight feature or cannot use it, you can delete it.

Request to recover memory and other resources when:
- backlight turns off
- backlight turns on
- on plug-in
- on unplug
- on call hangup
- on-demand (manual trigger)


PW rar : dragonpooh

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